“Ross and Darrel have a great attitude, impeccable taste, super communication and a serious edge. With their wild network, in the design circles all over the world combined with their charming nature, they are a perfect bridge between Greater China and Western countries!”

“Ross and Darrel bring valuable experience and knowledge in luxury retail, interior design and architecture sectors… [they] have true understanding of the market and trend dynamic… Infrastructure brings a unique advantage in that, with their international background and experience, as well as understanding of the Asia arena, they can help to narrow the gap for global companies setting foot in Asia and local companies trying to go global. I would not hesitate to recommend Infrastructure to any company.”

“We’ve found many synergies working with Infrastructure in their roles as curators of Design Shanghai, the preeminent design event in Asia. The team are well connected, organised, professional and always a pleasure to work with.”

Wang Xu, Editor in Chief,

AD China

Suzy Anetta, Editor in Chief,

Design Anthology

Enoch To, PR and Marketing Director, Tai Ping Carpets

“Ross and Darrel have supported the Kelly Hoppen brand for over 15 years on various levels and platforms, most recently on the furniture collection launched in 2016 and retailing globally. Infrastructure support several aspects of the brand activation including Visual Merchandising, brand positioning and production. The Infrastructure team have played a key role in the success of this brand initiative. Both Ross and Darrel have become loyal, trusting friends who will always go the extra mile to get the perfect result.”

Kelly Hoppen MBE, Designer

“Ross Urwin was a big surprise! When I met first met him, introduced by Stephan Hamel,I thought ‘another of these creative guys’. Throughout the years, I discovered his quality talented interior visionary and important commercial understanding. I appreciate his capacity to translate style in different cultures. Together with Darrel Best he did an enormous introduction of important events to Asia, I am seriously impressed!”

“I admire Ross for his genuine personality, as well as his passion towards the world of creativity and design.”

Andre Fu, Designer

“In my time working with Infrastructure over the years, predominantly on the unique, international design show Design Shanghai, I have found the agency to have an edge over others within the design industry. With their international expertise and network of design connections, Ross & Darrel have a true point of difference within the region and internationally.”

Leon Jakimic, Founder, Owner

and President, Lasvitt

Amy Young, Editor in Chief,


“For years Ross Urwin has helped me with information on designers and lifestyle-related brands and trends. He’s also been a font of ideas, many of which have inspired stories in the South China Morning Post. Ross makes my job as Design Editor easier.”

“Infrastructure delivers incredible vision and support for brands with a niche in the design industry. Ross and Darrel’s experience and great taste as well as their solid knowledge of the industry play a vital role in creation on many levels. Every encounter I have had with them has been energizing and rewarding.”

Charmaine Chan, Design Editor, SCMP

Debbie Oppenheimer,

Deborah Oppenheimer Interior Design Ltd.

“In the 10+ years that I’ve known and worked with you are the benchmark for what a creative ‘consultant’ should be.

Your expertise in the creative industries and network of world class contacts is second to none.”

Malcom Young, Editor in Chief, Wallpaper

When Ross and Darrel met X+Q Art, they detected the potential and talent of the brand. We keep a close relationship and continue to collaborate across many platforms. Ross and Darrel are skilled judges of talent. Their experience and distinctive taste in art and design have impressed us deeply. They have made a great contribution to importing high-class international brands to China’s market and introducing Chinese businesses to the world.

“Infrastructure is in a league of its own with expertise across every aspect of retail and design. Whether it’s advising clients on their market entry strategies for Asia or designing compelling retail and corporate environments, Infrastructure delivers holistic solutions ensuring their clients a head start to success. Ross and Darrel’s combined experience in unmatchable in this industry.”

“Darrel Best and Ross Urwin are the two founders of Infrastructure, and they are the Yin and Yang of the company. While both are remarkably charming, creative, and wise to the design world on their own, together they make the perfect combination in performance. One is a structural guy while the other has a keen understanding of the client relationship, and we won’t tell you which is which because then they’d fool us…a bit like identical twins. We love working with them!”

Qu Guangci, 瞿广慈,

Creative Director and Founder, X+Q

Catherine Feliciano-Chon, Managing Director, CatchOn & Company

Janice & Brad, Founders and Owners, Fort Street Studio